If there is one thing you can do to improve your life right now, then its to cut out negative, moaning, complaining, whining losers. If you’re too busy listening to people who don’t add benefit to your life then you are wasting valuable time by not hearing from the people who can add value. How often do you receive advice from others around you and how positive is that advice? The people you want around are the ones who push you to follow your dreams and ambitions not tell you that its not possible, be realistic, your wasting your time. You have to be around positive people and you yourself need to be positive, in fact you need to be the most positive person you know! If your not the most insanely positive person around then who is? Who are you going to wait for to provide that energy to get you going? It has to be you and you have to bring it every hour of every day.

Look, there will always be things that don’t work out or go against you but that doesn’t mean that you sit around and cry about it. You need to make sure you always look at the positive side and learn from every experience so you can carry that forward and keep going so you can hit the next thing with a full tank of positivity. Successful people make sure they are surrounded by people who are always positive and have a great attitude towards life. Successful people make sure that they keep the negative life sucking whiners at such a distance that they have no effect on them. Imagine a parent telling a young child who is learning to walk not to bother trying every time they fall over. How will that child ever think they are capable and how will they bring themselves to the point where they are so confident that falling over doesn’t matter anymore because the positive influence and belief that they have been given is so overwhelming that they break through and persevere.

You have a choice as to who stays and who goes in your life and you alone are responsible for your surroundings and your course of direction.