If it is important to you, you will find a way. If not, you’ll find an excuse. It doesn’t matter how good your excuses are if you don’t focus on the actual task or job then you won’t achieve anything. Some people find that making excuses makes them feel better about not being able to do the task they are intending to do and it acts as a self-justification mechanism.

Did you know that it takes the same energy to achieve the actual goal as it does to make an excuse for it! I’ve seen some experts in the field of procrastination and excuse making and every time I see it there is one theme they all have in common. All of the individuals are unsuccessful in their lives. They haven’t achieved anything and are just the Mr. or Mrs. Average of society. Yet these are the same people who are always complaining that nothing works out for them, its not their fault, their colleagues are to blame, they don’t have the right tools, they know better and on and on…

If you want to be successful then you have to have the right attitude and adopt the traits of successful people. You wont find successful people complaining, moaning or making excuses. They just get on with it and find solutions. Every challenge you are presented with has a solution and if you put your mind into action you can find a way to solve it and achieve success. You may be thinking that its not that easy and you’re right it probably isn’t to start with but nothing worthwhile is ever easy and you will be surprised over time once you have adopted a can do attitude at how easy finding solutions becomes.

Make a conscience effort to cut out excuses and every time you feel it coming remember that by not making the excuse you will be one step closer to achieving the success you so desire!